Bad Jokes for a Good Cause

I recently took part in a Greenpeace Campaign against Arctic Drilling. They recruited a bunch of comics (including Lewis Black!) to tell their worst jokes in order to prove that no matter how bad the punchlines are, they’re not as bad as drilling in the Arctic and irreparably screwing up the environment, which is less funny than Jim Belushi and The Big Bang Theory combined. Check out my dumb joke below, and sign the petition here.

Tabitha Vidaurri knows that no matter how bad your worst joke may be, drilling for oil in the Arctic is worse. Tell us your worst joke, tag it #WorstJoke & #SavetheArctic, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Twitter, and then challenge your friends to do worse. Together we can tell Shell and President Obama that “Arctic Drilling is No Joke.” For more info, check out

The joke I’m telling appears courtesy of Graveyard Jokes: That Everybody and Their Dead Ancestors Find Funny! written by Robert Kent, Lowell House, 1993.


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