Teething Emotionalities: WOOF

Right, so I’ve been working on this play, Teething Emotionalities: WOOF, all summer with Alyson Goodman. It’s kind of a storytelling show, but it’s also stand-up comedy. It’s by far the most personal performance piece I’ve ever done. Yay!

We’re premiering it in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival on Sept 11th and 12th at The Rotunda in West Philly. We’ll be putting it on in NYC later this year and we plan on taking the show on the road in 2016.

Last fall I did a show called Write if You Get Work which was a “lay-down comedy show,” where I told stories about all my crappy/weird jobs in my pajamas. Alyson did a show called OH gOD WHAT HAVE I DONE that dealt with porn addiction and family vacations. We realized we actually have similar backgrounds and comic sensibilities so we combined our shows into one crazy hybrid. Like a kitten with two heads. You guys know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, the point is, the experience has been an uplifting one. Our directors Jon Crane and Jason Messina have brought a lot of interesting ideas to the project, and we’ve got my old buddy Rich Wexler handling the video projections and tech in Philly.

You can read more about the show here, where the press release and all that stuff is. And you can buy tickets on the FringeArts website.

And our show is featured in the Phindie Fringe Bike Tour (Neat!) and we’re offering a Philly Funsavers deal the week before the show (Woah, awesome!)

Take it sleazy,



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