I am proud to announce that my new show Blood Moon Boogie will have a world premiere in The PIT’s 2015 SOLOCOM Festival.

Blood Moon Boogie

Crystal suspects that she may be a werewolf. On the night of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, she sets up a camera to tape herself, and find out the truth once and for all. Is she a lycanthrope or is she insane? Only time, and a lot of beer, will tell.

After doing an intensely autobiographical show in the Philly Fringe, I wanted to take a break and experiment with something totally fictional and silly, as well as celebrate my White Trash heritage and the Redneck obsession with the uncanny. Plus werewolves are awesome, duh.

SOLOCOM pairs two artists together, so I am very lucky to be splitting the bill with The PIT’s own Christine Pynn, who will be performing her new show, Tech Talking, all about her doing tech for comedy shows for 7 years. The stories she has!


It’s going to be a great night full of jokes, scares and Doritos, so get your tickets and come on out.


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