Friend _artwork by Zach Garner

FRIEND_ Alyson Goodman _ Tabitha Vidaurri_ photo Emily Bolles

photo: Emily Bolles

Tabitha Vidaurri and Alyson Goodman’s Friend? will premiere in New York at The Cherry Lane Theatre Studio, December 18th at 7pm. Directed by Jon Crane and Jason Messina and produced by Efucity Productions.

In this two-woman one-woman show, Tabitha Vidaurri and Alyson Goodman chronicle some of their most unflattering moments and the lessons they learned from these mistakes through a series of comedic monologues and childhood VHS clips.

Tabitha and Alyson bonded when their respective sketch troupes (FUCT and Unisex) collaborated on a comedy show earlier this year. Tabitha had performed a one-woman show in the Bad Theater Festival entitled Write if You Get Work, chronicling her years of drunken unemployment, while Alyson performed the solo show Oh god What Have I Done? at The Cherry Lane, where she talked openly about porn as well as vacationing in Hawaii with her family. The two realized that they had similar comedic sensibilities and complementary themes – Alyson’s being “Choices” and Tabitha’s being “Changes,” so they decided to collaborate on a longer piece. They began digging through old photos, journal entries, and 90s childhood VHS to create a visual narrative throughout the piece. The series of stories flow back and forth in time as the women describe important things they absorbed during awkward stages in their lives: childhood masturbation, Internet dating, saxophone solos and substance abuse.

Tabitha and Alyson first debuted the piece in the 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival under the title Teething Emotionalities: Woof. The response was positive, and both women are excited to bring the show to a New York audience.

Goodman and Vidaurri are very different performers, brash and deadpan, respectively. It works, though. As they take turns being in the spotlight, we get a sense of who each of them is via their tales of growing up and the choices they made along the way that led them to this point. They certainly don’t have it all figured out, but they can make us feel better about being in the same boat.   – Julie Zeglen, The Philadelphia Citypaper

Friend? NYC premiere Friday December 18th at 7pm, The Cherry Lane Theatre Studio, 38 Commerce St. New York. Tickets $10


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