The Fundamentals of Sketch Comedy Workshop

Guys! I’m teaching a comedy workshop on January 23rd! It’s very cheap and it’s going to be very fun!

Are you interested in learning about sketch comedy, but do not want to commit to a class that costs hundreds of dollars? That’s completely reasonable! Here is an introductory workshop will give you the fundamentals of the tricky genre known as sketch. This is a great class for folks who have never taken a comedy class, and/or people that are funny but are not sure what exactly to do about it.

Saturday, January 23rd 12- 3pm. $45

at Standard Toykraft Theater, Brooklyn, 722 Metropolitan Ave.

Questions will be answered:

  • What is sketch comedy exactly
  • How do you write a sketch?
  • How do characters work?
  • Why is some stuff really funny and some stuff really bad?

And you’ll learn about:

  • How to translate a funny idea into a sketch!
  • Live sketches vs. filmed sketches!
  • How to put on a sketch comedy show!
  • The inside scoop on comedy festivals!
  • Plus you’ll get a curated list of shows and sketches to check out!

About the Instructor:

Tabitha Vidaurri graduated from The University of the Arts in 2005 with a BFA in Writing for Film and Television. She has spent the past decade working with numerous sketch  comedy troupes, theater, TV and radio and creating her own independent style of comedy. She currently works in  the sketch duo Unisex, who have performed in a ton of different venues across New York and have created a number of successful videos for Funny or Die. She’s the head writer for Prove it All Night! a live comedy variety show on WFMU, and she has written for a number of publications including Dangerous Minds, Publishers Weekly, The Jersey City Independent, The Comedians Magazine and the animated Disney series Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.  Recently, Tabitha starred in Friend? a two-woman, one-woman storytelling/stand-up show at The Cherry Lane Theatre, as well as 2015 SOLOCOM Festival at The PIT, with the world premiere of her character piece, Blood Moon Boogie. Tabitha has starred in a number of popular short videos for Above Average Productions and PIT TV. She has performed in the Toronto, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee sketch comedy festivals, as well as the 2007, 2008 & 2009 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and The Out of Bounds Fest in Austin, TX.  She wrote and directed the short play, Girl, Please, as part of OYE! Avant Garde Night at The Bushwick Starr in June 2015.


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