Bring Change to Mind

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Recently I was part of a series of short PSA’s for Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit organization started by Glenn Close to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Each short video was part of a campaign called, “Talk to Anyone About Mental Health,” and featured two performers in a variety of situations showing that it’s possible to talk about mental health issues like depression, anorexia, anxiety and bipolar disorder with different people in your life. I was proud to be a part of this campaign, because of my own struggles with depression and addiction – I’m a comedian, obviously. I know first-hand how important and life-changing it is to get help, and also how difficult it can be to ask for it.

The videos show that no matter what you’re facing, or who you’re reaching out to, you can make a real connection. Not every conversation will be perfect, but each one fights the stigma around mental illness. And, that’s a conversation worth having.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, I spoke about my own experience with getting sober.

Thank you to RTO+P for creating and overseeing this PSA, Endeavor Films for directing, filming, and producing ‘Talk To Anyone’; and Media Storm for distributing the campaign to media outlets. And very special thanks to Bring Change to Mind and Glenn Close for your hard work in getting this important message out there. ❤


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