New show in SOLOCOM 2017


I’m debuting a new character in SOLOCOM at The PIT Loft on Saturday, November 18th at 9pm!  I’m proud to say this is my third year doing SOLOCOM, New York’s only all-new solo comedy festival. Each year I’ve written new material and this time I’ve decided to satirize the sexist culture of the comedy world. Zing!

Chi-Chi is a lifelike robot created purely for sex. BUT HERE’S THE TWIST: Chi-Chi’s circuits have malfunctioned and she now has aspirations of being a stand-up comedian. Come see cutting-edge technology in action as this babe-bot tells jokes! It’s the future(?)

It’s a character showcase featuring new work by Andy Beaudoin, Maddy Casale and Dan McNamaraTickets available online or at the door.

Saturday, November  18th at 10pm/ PIT Loft 154 W 29th St NYC/ $10


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