Volterre S/S 2017

I got to play a blonde Australian in a new short film for Volterre sunglasses produced by the all-female production company SLMBR PRTY. Volterre S/S 2017 Written and Directed by: Mary Dauterman + Sarah Lloyd Produced by: SLMBR PRTY DP: Rachel Klein Producers: Leah Donnenberg + Sarah Donnenberg Assistant Camera:

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Women

I’ve written a brand new show! A character show presented in the style of a BBC Documentary: 5 different women provide 5 very different perspectives. In the tradition Cindy Sherman and Tracey Ullman, Tabitha Vidaurri manages a grotesque sort of empathy as she transforms herself into each interviewee. It’s not

The Toxic Comedy World Tour!

  I recently won first prize in the first-annual Dirty Little Secrets Toxic Comedy Contest, where ten comedians told jokes about pollution and New Jersey. NJ is home to over 100 Superfund sites and some of the most polluted rivers in the country, which is terrible, sad, and scary. The Center

Flutter Health

I recently wrote and starred in a series of short videos for Flutter Health, a women’s health and period tracking app that can help diagnose common reproductive diseases like Endometriosis. It was a lot of fun to make, and I got to wear a really rad sweater. In these short

New Reel!

Check out my new updated comedy reel, there are so many wigs! Edited by my good buddy Jason Messina.

The WFMU Marathon is upon us!

I’ve been working as a writer and cast member on the monthly comedy variety show Prove it All Night. We do the show in front of a live audience, but it’s also broadcast over the radio – not just any radio, either – the best radio station in the world,

A Trying Black History Minute

I got to be in a really funny new video written by and starring Keisha Zollar. It was made for Black History Month, but I think it works well for any time of the year. Directed by Ms. Kate Moran.

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