I have a variety of scripts, sample press releases and newsletters available upon request.

I manage a team of writers for WFMU’s Prove it All Night! with Pat Byrne. Some of the characters I’ve played include Marc Bolan, Debbie Harry, Bernadette of The Jerkettes, Courtney Cox and many more.

I’ve written guest post for  Dangerous Minds about the 6-Foot Tall George Harrison Marionette and the infamous Jerry Lewis film, The Day the Clown Cried.

I contributed to GuySpeed with a list of the 8 Meanest Aliens of All Time and explanations of Obscure Heavy Metal Subgenres. It was through this research that I learned there is such a thing as ‘Childrens’ Metal.’

Back when I lived in Jersey City, I got to interview the nice folks behind two of the city’s oldest graveyards for  The Jersey City Independent.

I wrote for Phillyist from 2008-2010. Some highlights included a fabulous Shonen Knife concert at Johnny Brenda’s and Puss in Boots, a cute vintage store on 9th Street.

My short film “Death Placenta” screened in the Palm Springs Shortfest, The New York International Independent Film and Video Awards, and the Faux Film Festival.

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