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Nasty Women Unite Fest 2018

Very happy to share that I am performing some comedy in the Nasty Women Unite Fest on Friday June 8th, as part of the “Being” night, focusing on mental, emotional and physical health.  I’ll be debuting a new piece called “How and Why to Stay Sober at the End of

Wish Weasel

I’ve been working on a new series created by Dan McNamara. It’s a zany outer space adventure and it’s got everything: puppets, 80s music and eye makeup. In this TV pilot, a magical alien known as the Wish Weasel crash lands in Queens. Together with his new human friend Tabitha,

The Young, a horror-comedy at Walkerspace

I’m very excited to tell you I’m playing the lead in Kevin MacLean’s The Young, a horror-comedy debuting at Walkerspace next week as part of the Fordham University/Primary Stages MFA program. This play is a little bit Evil Dead and a little bit Hateful Eight, and tickets are free! April 19, 20 & 21

Boundaries is back, 3/17

Have you ever wanted to go to a comedy show where you can also get therapy? Joe Bonacci and I conveniently provide this for you. No, we are not licensed therapists, but we have a stellar line-up of guest comics and some new videos, so come on out. Saturday March

The Stephen King and I, Shining time!

The horror-tastic spooktacular Stephen King and I show returns for the winter season! It’s cold outside and crazy things are happening every f*cking day, so this show is all about The Shining! With guest comics Jess Lane (Nerdist), Michael Wolf (Comedy Central, IFC), Kate Moran (The Revolution at QED) and Jason Messina (Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver) and music by Shane Vidaurri. Plus The

Boundaries Returns 2/2!

I’m hosting a new monthly show called Boundaries at The Vital Joint in Brooklyn with Joe Bonacci!  Joe and I specialize in “audience therapy” and use a combination of guest comedians, sketch comedy, past-live regression, puppets, music and drag to sooth your mind with the healing power of jokes. While we aren’t yet recognized by the FDA, we do have special guest comics Keisha

A Comedy Show for Stephen King Fans

Stephen King has written 54 novels and over 200 short stories and is considered one of the greatest living authors of the horror genre. Comedian Tabitha Vidaurri has read all of his books, and so she created a horror-comedy show for Stephen King fans! With special guest comics Nick Naney, Melissa Rocha and Billy Keenly, plus

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